Printing All Colors Green

Solar-Panels-NickEveryone at Qualprint is extremely passionate about maintaining a safe, clean and environmentally friendly workplace. Our focus on being environmentally conscious and the policies we have developed have been in place for years. In 2009, Qualprint passed a rigid audit to obtain a certification that allows us to promote sustainable printing practices by providing products from responsibly managed forests. The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) sets standards for responsible forest management. The FSC® is a voluntary program that uses the power of the marketplace to protect forests for future generations. Each year, at our own expense, we are audited to ensure that we follow the correct Chain-of-Custody procedures set forth by FSC®.

Each and every day at Qualprint consists of policies and practices that reduce our footprint. We use soy-based inks, many different recycled papers, recycled aluminum plates, and we installed a vacuum waste removal system to make sure every piece of paper in our building is recycled. All of our machinery is electric, including power trucks and forklifts. During the printing process with our offset presses, an aluminum printing plate transfers ink to the offset cylinder, which is covered with a rubber blanket. We implemented a blanket rejuvenation program that eliminates our rubber waste in landfills.

Our largest contribution to these initiatives would be curbing energy consumption by producing solar power on site, through 700 solar panels on the roof of our plant. In the first 15 months of using solar power we generated 173,152.3 kWh of power, which is equivalent to powering 13 homes for an entire year. The production of this renewable energy cut our carbon dioxide emission by 298,860.9 pounds, our Nitrogen Oxide emissions by 434.6 pounds, and our Sulfur Dioxide emissions by 1,309 pounds.

List of FSC® certified papers.