Mailing Service Coordinator
Job Title: Mailing Service Coordinator
Department: Bindery/Mailing
Reports to: Bindery Supervisor
Job Summary:
Responsible for the coordination of mailed products from Qualprint. This position is responsible for keeping current on postal regulations, rates, and full service certification. Must be able to work closely with Qualprint account executives, estimators, customer service representatives and bindery operators on all mailing, ink jetting and postal regulation and production issues. Must maintain a good working relationship with representatives of the post office. Qualprint expects that the Mailing Service Coordinator will act all times to assure the highest level of professionalism and personal performance possible, and will work enthusiastically to meet or exceed all performance goals set by management.

The Mail Service Coordinator is an essential position responsible for all aspects of product mailings from start to finish. This position is responsible for doing whatever is necessary to make deadlines, while consistently maintaining high quality and error free output.

Job Duties/ Responsibilities:

  1. Run production equipment (i.e. inkjet, inserter, shrink wrapper, hole puncher, tabber, strapper, folder, etc.)
  2. Use Satori, and other software to manage and process mail lists.
  3. Pre-flight customer supplied mailing files
  4. Calculate the dollar amount of the postage
  5. CASS certify, NCOA, add USPS data (zip 4, DPBC, IMB, etc.)
  6. Manage mail tracking when necessary
  7. Create bag tags and postal forms
  8. Prepare file to be output as an ink jet file or label file
  9. Troubleshoot problem files
  10. Manage the entire production flow of product mailings with the bindery department
  11. Work with customers to improve their mailing.
  12. Offer cost saving alternatives
  13. Prepare first class, presort standard (bulk), and foreign mailings
  14. Prepare and manage special postage rates (i.e. high density, walk sequence, palletize, etc.)
  15. Assist with the UPS and Federal Express distribution systems
  16. Manage customer postage accounts when / where necessary
  17. Communicate monthly balances
  18. Attend conferences and seminars pertaining to all classes of mailing
  19. Assist in the fulfillment center
  20. Assist the company in developing a pool shipping system to BMC’s and SCF’s
  21. Train employees on postal issues
  22. Present a professional customer oriented image in all business related contacts
  23. Inventory and stock all necessary supplies
  24. Document all communications with customers regarding changes to job requirements
  25. Demonstrate a willingness to accept direction from superiors and peers to improve quality and work performance
  26. Follow all company rules, procedures and safety policies
  27. Perform other duties as assigned by managers
  28. Attend all production meetings daily – prepared to answer any questions pertaining to the mail schedule
  29. Run meetings with sales staff regularly to keep everyone up to date with current mail regulations

Job Requirements/ Qualifications:

  1. High School Education
  2. Experience with PC’s and mail software products
  3. A minimum of two years of experience in the mailing industry is required
  4. Experience in the printing industry is preferred but not required
  5. Experience on the job to perform satisfactorily: 6 Months
  6. Good customer service and communication skills
  7. Ability to lift 30 lbs

To apply for the Mailing Service Coordinator position, email your resume including all relevant experience to, or stop by our office at 3 Federico Drive in Pittsfield, MA to fill out an application.